DEA: Controlled Drug Substances Training

This one day course is designed to help your staff become and/or remain compliant with DEA regulations and to prepare your team for interaction with DEA investigators when they are on-site at your facility.

Our instructor is a former DEA Diversion Investigator and he will help prepare your team for a DEA inspection and will review reporting and compliance expectations. This course is offered at off-site locations twice a year and is also offered in-house at your location.

Our instructor will teach you everything you need know including what to do (and NOT do) when the DEA shows up to your site. He will walk you through the questions
you can expect, documents you will be asked to produce, and will give you tips on how to prepare your employees for an unexpected DEA inspection.

This course can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs. You can select from our listed topics or we can incorporate other relevant topics that you request.

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  • Overview of DEA
  •  DEA Registration – State and Federal
  •  DEA Orientation for New Employees
  •  Employee Screening (background checks)
  •  Personnel – including employee responsibility
  • to report diversion
  •  Facility Design
  •  DEA Security Requirements
  •  Controlled Substances Receipt, Storage,
  • Handling and Shipping
  •  Typical SOPs for Controlled Substances
  •  Labeling Requirements
  •  Listed Chemical and Certain Machines
  •  Quota - Manufacturing and Procurement
  •  Inventory Requirements
  •  Record Keeping
  •  YERS: Year End Reporting
  •  ARCOS
  •  222 Order Forms
  •  DEA Accountability Procedures
  •  CSOS: Controlled Substance Ordering System
  •  SOM: Suspicious Order Monitoring
  •  KYC: Know Your Customer
  •  Power-of-Attorney
  •  Import/Export
  •  What to Expect When DEA Shows Up

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